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Our Services

uPVC windows & doors

Are your windows and doors structurally sound but looking a little aged or perhaps you just want to refresh the colour?

Then why not save your self thousands on replacing and respray your uPVC at a fraction of the price guaranteed to last 10years! There is over 4,000 colours to choose from in a matte, satin or semi-gloss finish.

Firstly our team will prepare all surfaces thoroughly by deep cleaning & degreasing surfaces along with an ultra-fine scotch over helping our paint bond tightly. Now all window pains and surrounding areas will be masked up in protective sheeting which is made from 100% recyclable materials! Our highly skilled spray technicians are now ready to paint your home, using top of the range spraying equipment and highly durable paint to achieve a long lasting factory finish, proven to last!

Once everything has been sprayed and dried will we remove all masking to reveal the transformation. Our team will also replace all silicone with a colour matched silicone to finish off the property to a fantastic standard! Silicone can not be painted and will flake from the sun.

PNM Coatings gives a 10 year guarantee on all uPVC work against cracking, peeling and flaking! Our paint is also very resistant to the suns harsh UV rays! uPVC paint should last at least 10 years no problems given all processes are carried out correctly!

Front door resprays starting from £139.99

uPVC doors, Composite doors, Bi-fold doors, Garage doors, Internal doors.

*If you’re planning on getting your home rendered, k-rendered or painted we recommend this before you have your windows doors or conservatory painted. this may void your 10 year guarantee if caried out within 1 year of painting uPVC.


Did you know we can also spray the inside of your conservatory? Making your inside space feel like home, looking modern to match your décor!

Conservatories are expensive to replace, so if yours is still structurally sound respray your conservatory and save yourself time and money! No conservatory is to big we’ll use special access to complete these jobs safely.


Save up to 70% when you respray instead of replacing your kitchen!

Replacing your kitchen can be an expensive and time-consuming process. PNM Coatings offers cost effective kitchen coatings proven to withstand busy day to day life! We can transform your kitchen in over 4,500 colours in just a few days!

Our experienced team of spray technicians can spray your kitchen in any colour you desire. We will fix and repair your kitchen if required and we can also change your handles while filling any existing holes!

The key to success is preparation. To help with this we ask before our arrival all cupboards and draws are emptied and work tops cleared. When we arrive we will start by preparing all surfaces for painting, removing all existing paint or lacquer and thoroughly degreasing all surfaces.

Using top-quality lead-free acid catalyst cellulose paint which is extremely hard wearing and highly durable paint along with top of the range spraying equipment we will now paint your kitchen in our on-site spraying booth. The rest of your kitchen will be completely masked off to protect from over spray while we paint non removable items.

Its highly recommended to spray paint your kitchen as the molecules in our paint bond tightly with the surface helping to achieve a fantastic. With a 10 year guarantee against cracking, peeling and flaking!

Wardrobes and furniture

Replacing fitted wardrobes can be expensive when they just need updating! This is where PNM Coatings takes over to update your bedroom into a modern, luxurious space. With over 4,500 colour and also a 99.9% colour match available you’ll find a colour perfect for your home.

We ask all wardrobes to be emptied for our arrival and the bedroom relatively empty. We will spray doors in our on-site professional spray booth and spray non removable items by masking up and protecting the rest of the room from over spray.

Furniture deserves to look amazing too! Don’t throw it away to landfill, Instead we will modernise your furniture even replacing handles! Or instead of hand painting and seeing brush strokes or drips get your furniture sprayed by us, we also offer a 10 year guarantee on furniture painting!


Here at PNM Coatings we offer full house interior resprays for both domestic and commercial clients. However, we will only complete empty / semi-empty projects. We can paint everything from ceilings, walls, skirting boards, interior doors, staircases and much more! In your desired colour with over 4,500 colours to choose from you’ll find your dream colour scheme!

It’s more convenient to spray then use a roller with a much better finish.

If your walls have been freshly plastered, we do recommend leaving them 2-3 weeks to completely dry out before applying paint. Spraying is fast and efficient way to complete your transformation with minimal disruption our team complete jobs efficiently to an extremely high standard!

Internal doors

Internal doors can be one of the most time-consuming painting jobs for the home or workplace. PNM Coatings can easily sand down existing paint and spray in a high gloss paint, spraying internal doors means it saves you a lot of time and by spraying your left with a flawless finish every time with no drips or brush strokes! We don’t have to paint white, be daring and bold!

Exterior walls

PNM Coatings can bring your home back to life and increase curb appeal spraying your exterior wall with our top of the range spray equipment we can fast and efficiently refresh your homes appearance. Spraying your exterior walls whether that’s brick, render or k-rend is highly recommended it allows for a longer lasting better looking finish than a roller and brush. Full preparation is carried out including applying a fungicide spray if needed, and filling/ repairing where required. We will then mask anything that needs protecting such as windows, doors, aerials and your neighbour’s house.

Commercial jobs

PNM Coatings pride themselves on conducting all lines of commercial spraying and contracts, providing a professional service. Accommodating to individual business needs is important we can work around your opening hours ensuring not to cause any down time.

With over 4,500 colours to choose from there’s definitely a colour scheme for your business! We spray bars, restaurants, shop fronts, shutter doors, factories, commercial premises, caravans, skips and so much more!

For more information about the spray painting services we provide, please get in touch now by giving us a call on 07380178830 or by clicking the link below to view our contact page where you can send us an enquiry online.

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